Budget Cuts Threaten Bus Drivers’ Lifeline

In today’s fast paced world, staying in touch is no longer a luxury but a necessity for school bus drivers across the country. An instant source of communications between bus drivers and campus personnel has become a must. Unfortunately, numerous budget cuts and reduced government funding pose a growing threat of cutbacks that could cause two-way radios to disappear from school buses and campus shuttles. However, in many school districts, both parents and passengers are already doing something about it.

Fund raisers created to supplement deficits in local school budgets are gaining popularity on many school campuses from kindergartens to universities. In recent years, two-way radios have been used for much more than directing drivers from Point A to Point B. In fact, many school bus and campus shuttle drivers have learned to depend on their radios for keeping track of passengers as well as providing a lifeline in case of an emergency. Bus drivers often have to deal with difficult situations and, in many instances, can use their two-way radio for immediate communications with security or other appropriate school personnel.

Let’s face facts. There are numerous reasons why a child might miss a bus and not end up where they belong. With a two-way lifeline, bus drivers can quickly report on children who miss their pickup or departure point. This immediately lets school officials know so a parent or guardian can be contacted to determine the whereabouts of the missing passenger. Parents in several major school districts have already sponsored fund-raising events for sports and other non-funded activities.

If your school district is facing deep budget cuts, right now is the best time to organize a support group to assist your school’s efforts to maintain their local bus to school and school to parent communications. Remember, twowayradiosfor.com offers affordable options to help your group meet their needs for implementing two way radios or upgrading the school’s existing equipment.

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