Golf Course Safety

GCM magazine talkes golf course safetyThe April 2011 edition of Golf Course Managment Magazine contains a monthly article called “The Insider: Assistants.”  The title of the article is “Safety at your facility” and the very first sentence of the article is “On a seemling routine day of work you get a frantic call on the radio.”  The article goes on to discuss various safety aspects needing to be addressed on a golf course.  It discusses who should be involved with a safety plan, types of equipment needed, and the training required for successful implementation.  All are excellent and valid points and they all start with proper communciation on the golf course.  Golf courses have an obiligation to their staff and clientele to provide a safe and secure environment.  Utilizing two way radios on the course enables the staff to immediately respond to clients needs regardless of the issue. works with golf courses across America on their two way radio needs.  Give us a call today to learn more about our radio offerings and how we can help you.

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