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\The VX-231, VX-351, and Vertex Irrigation Radios are Dominating the Golf Course Industry

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Two-way radios are critical for successful golf course communication.  The Golf industry has been taken by storm by the Vertex  two way radios – the best 2 way radios for running a successful golf course, communicating with staff, and managing irrigation.  Vertex 2 way radios are specifically designed to meet the needs of golf courses: they meet all of the mil-specs, have an iron-clad durability, and are trusted by golf courses around the country.  Vertex radios cover a wide range of needs from employee communication to irrigation control, from water resistant to water proof, no golf course is left wanting.

Vertex Standard two way radios are available in both UHF and VHF radio frequencies.  Since UHF tends to be more popular, I will provide examples of UHF radios, but all radios are available in either.  Each Vertex two-way radio comes complete with a belt clip, battery pack, charger, FREE shipping, FREE programming, and an industry leading 3-year warranty.  Vertex radios are typically a hand-held radio max capacity of 5-watts, which means they will cover from 3 to 5 miles depending on your surroundings.  Different radios can be used to meet different needs.

The most popular Vertex Standard two-way radio is the VX-231 hand held radio.  It is priced very aggressively and meets most golf course needs.  It is a 5-watt, 16 channel radio and is perfect for employee communication.  No radio is better suited for basic communication than the VX-231 handheld radio because of its simplicity, ease of use, durability, and ability to work with irrigation radios.

The Vertex VX-459 hand held radio is the newest industrial grade portable two-way radio maximizing worker uptime with expanded safety applications and convenient built-in features designed for heavy duty use.  Furthermore, you can get it wet, as it is submersible for 3’ and 30 minutes.  The VX-459 handheld radio is a 5 Watt UHF 2-way radio with a built in DTMF Keypad especially designed for Golf Course Superintendents for use with Rainbird, Toro, and other Irrigation Systems.  The VX-459 will be programmed to work with your existing Irrigation Radios and any other UHF two way radios your course is using.

The Vertex VX-231 and VX-459 two-way radios are a match made in heaven for golf courses.  They can be purchased together at incredible prices in two way radio sets and packages such as the Golf Package 1.  Other Vertex Standard two way radios that are great for golf courses include the VX-351, VX-451, VX-454,VX-821 Submersible , and VX-829.  For those looking to outfit a group of golf courses with long range walkie talkies we offer very large bulk pricing discounts.  These bulk prices coupled with our fast delivery and attentive service make us number one in customer satisfaction.  We keep a huge inventory of walkie talkie radios on hand to make sure we fill your order within 24 hours.  Most orders deliver free via UPS and will arrive in just a few short days.  You can purchase directly from our website using a credit card, or over the phone.  We do offer Net 30 day terms to qualified customers. There is a reason Vertex two way radios are dominating the golf course industry.  Don’t be the last golf course to find out why.


About, a two-way radio retailer, is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality two-way radios to improve communication within their respective businesses, such as golf courses, schools, restaurants, and many more. only sells the best Motorola and Vertex Standard products at competitive prices and ships anywhere in the contingent United States. is a division of All Charged Up.

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