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Every business has strong areas and weak areas.  As every physical therapist knows, it’s great to have your stronger muscles support your weaker ones.  But strengthening your weaker muscles is very important, and is the only way to true recovery and sustainability.  Physical Therapists can be so focused on the customer and strengthening them that they forget about strengthening the needs of their business to ultimately serve their patients better.  Make sure that your patients get the best care and the best service by using Motorola two way radios.  Motorola radios ensure quality organization and efficiency for healthcare facilities.  Motorola has proven itself as the best 2 way radios for healthcare radio communications.

The most popular Motorola 2 way radio for physical therapy clinics is the CLP Series, which is shaped like a flip phone.  The CLP Series comes in three different kids: the Motorola CLP1010 handheld radio, Motorola CLP1040 handheld radio, and the Motorola CLP1060 handheld radio.  All three Motorola 2 way radios cover up to 200,000 sq. ft. and 15 floors.  The Motorola CLP1010 is a 1-watt, 1-channel communication radio that is light-weight and just the right size.  The Motorola CLP1040 portable radio is the same as the Motorola CLP1010 except that it has 4-channels as opposed to 1-channel.  The Motorola CLP1060 is a 1-watt, 6-channel Bluetooth radio.  If you want to put receptionists or staff on their own separate channels then the Motorola CLP1040 business radio or the Motorola CLP1060 Bluetooth radio is the two way radio for you.  Or if you want every member of your staff to always be on the same channel and be able to communicate with every other person easily and without changing channels then the Motorola CLP1010 is the perfect walkie talkie radio for you.  Each Motorola radio walkie talkie comes complete with a belt clip, a 12-18 hour Lithium Ion battery pack, an individual charger station, a 1-year warranty, free shipping, and a headset (Bluetooth headset for the Motorola CLP1060 two way radio.). offers package deals and bulk pricing to make your communication needs affordable.  We offer two way radio sets and packages for the CLP1010, CLP1040, and CLP1060 long range walkie talkies as well as bundles.  For those looking to outfit a group of physical therapy clinics we offer very large bulk pricing discounts.  These bulk prices coupled with our fast delivery and attentive service make us number one in customer satisfaction.  We keep a huge inventory on hand to make sure we fill your order within 24 hours.  Most orders deliver free via UPS and will arrive in just a few short days.  You can purchase directly from our website using a credit card, or over the phone.  We do offer Net 30 day terms to qualified customers.

Motorola hand held radios, such as the Motorola CLP1010 hand held radio, the Motorola CLP1040 hand held radio, and the Motorola CLP1060 hand held radio, are critical to successful retail communication.  The CLP1010, CLP1040, and CLP1060 handheld radios are used across the country in many physical therapy clinics, hospitals, dentist’s offices, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and many other healthcare facilities.

About, a two way radio retailer, is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality two-way radios to improve communication within their respective businesses, such as golf courses, schools, restaurants, and many more. only sells the best Motorola and Vertex Standard products at competitive prices and ships anywhere in the contingent United States. is a division of All Charged Up.

Divisions of All Charged Up

For More Information, Special Pricing and Fast Service Call:  888-560-0758

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