Two Way Radios For Schools

This Year’s School Budget

Use it to Improve Safety with Motorola Two-Way Radios

It’s back to school time, which means it is time to think about how this school year can be even more successful than the last one.  The most important part of running a successful school is keeping the students safe.  This may be difficult to do if the employees are unable to communicate with each other quickly and easily.  The best way to accomplish effective communication is through the use of Motorola 2-Way radios, also known as Walkie Talkies for Schools.

Motorola two-way radios allow staff to communicate without having to worry about whether or not the other person will answer his or her cell phone.  They are also much more water and mud-resistant than cell phones which makes them ideal for emergency situations.  Being able to make sure that all of the teachers and students are present and safe during a time of emergency is critical.

For most schools, the CLS Series is ideal.  The CLS Series consists of the CLS1110 radio and the CLS1410 radio.  These two-ways are very sleek and compact so that they do not distract the students.  Their size also guarantees comfort for the staff who are wearing them.  Because of its size and simple design, the CLS radios have become a customer favorite.

The CLS1110 two-way radio is as simple as gets:  1-watt, 1-channel.  There is virtually no way for the user to get confused with this radio.  There is a volume button that also acts as an on/off button and there is a transmit/receive button.  Those are the only two buttons that the user needs to effectively communicate with others during a time of need.  The CLS1110 also has up to 12 hours of battery life per charge, which means it can be used during the entire work day as long as it is charged each night.

The CLS1410 is basically the same radio as the CLS1110 except that instead of 1 channel, it has 4 channels.  This is a 1-watt, 4-channel radio.  The reason to have 4 channels instead of 1 is if you want to put certain groups of employees on different channels.  If you have teachers on channel 1 and janitors on channel 2, they will be able to communicate separately without having to interrupt each other.  If for some reason someone on channel 1 needs to speak with someone on channel 2, they can simply press the “up” button to move to channel 2.  This makes the communication between staff members even more efficient.

If you need to have even more efficient communication, you can look at purchasing Motorola two-way accessories.  We carry headsets, speaker microphones, extra chargers, extra batteries, and more!  Customization is in your hands with the CLS1410 6 Radio Bundle!  This package comes complete with 6 CLS1410 radios and allows you to add headsets, an extended warranty, and a 6-unit charging station.  This makes large orders simple.

Each of our school radios comes with a single-unit charger, a belt clip, and a battery pack.  Additionally, each of our 2 way radio orders ships free via UPS Ground.  It does not get more simple and affordable than the CLS Series.  Feeling safe and confident during school emergencies is important for all employees and students.  Starting the year with Motorola two-way radios will star the year off on the right foot.

About, a two-way radio retailer, is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality two-way radios to improve communication within their respective businesses, such as golf courses, schools, restaurants, and many more. only sells the best Motorola and Vertex Standard products at competitive prices and ships anywhere in the contingent United States. is a division of All Charged Up LLC.

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