Two Way Radios Narrowly Miss Being Banned in Delaware

If you live in Delaware and operate a fixed two-way radio in your vehicle, you just got a reprieve of sorts. A new state law signed into effect earlier this month bans use of hand-held cell phones and texting devices while driving – and it almost cost businesses and individuals the right to use much-needed two-way radios in their vehicles.

The bill was drawn up and supported for the obvious reason. Distracted drivers have caused numerous deaths and serious injuries to pedestrians, passengers and occupants of other vehicles while dialing, texting, reading emails or even surfing the web on their handheld devices despite being behind the wheel. Avoiding such tragedy is a cause that anyone would support.

However, millions of people working in businesses that rely on two-way radio communications for their day-to-day operations, the original bill would have cost them their livelihoods and put thousands of companies out of business. In its original form, House Bill 229 would have outlawed all use of two-way radio devices with handheld transmitters. But House Bill 493, filed just in the nick of time, exempted two-way radios attached to vehicles, protecting the livelihoods of thousands of service and delivery workers throughout the state.

Similar laws have been passed in California, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington and other states are following suit with legislation of their own. Of course, law enforcement and emergency personnel are exempt from the law, as are workers operating farm equipment, farm tractors and farm trucks. And drivers may use handheld cell phones to report emergencies while driving.  If your state or municipality is considering such a ban, contact your representatives to make sure that use of two-way radios for businesses is not compromised. offers a range of two-way radios with hands-free capabilities that allow you to be both productive and safe on the road.

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