Two-Way Radios Offer Multiple Family Uses

Think two-way radios are just for businesses, emergency responders and event planners? Think again. Two-way radios offer dozens of practical family uses.

How many times have you experienced this scenario: Searching the house, yelling at the top of your lungs for your spouse, only to find 20 minutes of time and frustration later that he’s happily working outside in the garden, oblivious to your urgent summoning? For couples or families with large homes or yards, two-way radios make day-to-day communication easier, quicker and far less frustrating.

Got a family member who is under the weather or who has an injury that requires extended bed rest? Forget the annoying little bell on the nightstand. A two-way radio set can keep patient and caretaker in touch sans countless runs to the bedside.

Family outings and vacations also are prime opportunities to make use of a two-way radio set. While Mom checks out the local boutiques, Dad plays the links and the teens hit the beach, the whole family can remain safely in touch in a new and unfamiliar city. Even on an in-town trip to the grocery or department store, any mother who momentarily loses sight of her kids knows the reassuring power of quick communication.

To keep the people you love just a push of a button away, the Motorola Talkabout series of two-way radios offers a range of options from the MB100R set with a 10-mile reach for $34.99 to the MR355R set with a reach of up to 35 miles for $69.98. Each set comes with two two-way radios, rechargeable batteries, charging trays and belt clips. Features on several Motorola Talkabout two-way radio models include built-in flashlights, emergency alert buttons and NOAA weather channels.

For active families and outdoor enthusiasts, two-way radios make staying in touch as easy as the touch of a button. Visit www.twowayradiosfor.comto find a set that matches your family needs.

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