Two Way Radios, Wine Big Sellers During Hurricane Irene

Two-Way radios and bottles of wine proved to be quite the popular products in the days and hours just before Hurricane Irene hit the nation’s eastern coastline.

“We’ve been calling it the ‘hurricane stimulus package,” said Christ Frank, owner of Frankly Wines, a small New York City wine shop just outside the evacuation zone, in a Sunday interview with NPR (National Public Radio). “It’s definitely been good for business. I have a number of other friends who own wine stores elsewhere in the city, and after yesterday, we were all just beat. It was like the day before Thanksgiving, or New Year’s Eve.”

Two-way radios also sold briskly over the two weeks as Irene grew from an Atlantic tropical wave that first appeared off the African coast August 15, into a Category 3 hurricane that made landfall in North Carolina on August 27 and in New Jersey and New York the next day. The storm knocked out power and phone service and flooded the highway to Hatteras Island, leaving about 2,500 people cut off from the mainland with only two-radio contact. They used two way radios to coordinate running ferries to the inland for supplies and food.

Hatteras Island’s experience is proof in action that two-way radios are essential survival tools during storm seasons. Even if cell phones hold their battery power, the cell towers that carry their signals often are among the first structures affected by major storms.

Both the Atlantic and Pacific hurricane seasons run through November 30. If you live near either coast, make sure you’re prepared if a storm heads your way. Remember, if you wait until a storm is close, it may be too late. Stores may run out of two-way radio products and/or close early. offers online sales of a full range of two-way radio systems, including numerous Motorola and Vertex models with multiple weather channels. Browse our website and order online. Call 1-888-560-0758 or use our convenient online chat support feature to speak with a two way radio communications specialist today.

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