What Comes with the Motorola CLP1060?

Motorola CLP1060 Standard Equipment:

CLP1060 with BT Horizontal


Push-To-Talk Button – Oversized, textured, and centrally located provides easy access.

Clear, Strong Audio – 16 adjustable volume levels make the Motorola CLP1060 easy to hear in any environment.

Smart Status Glow – Color indicates active channel, radio transmit & receive, scan, and battery status

No External Antenna – to get in the way or add size and bulk to the handheld radio.

Dependable and Durable – For long life, more uptime, and lower replacement costs.  The CLP1060 Motorola radio Meets MIL Spec 810-c, 810-d, 810-e, 810-f and 810-g for Low Pressure, High Temperature +60C, Low Temperature – 30C, Temperature Shock, Solar Radiation, Vibration and Shock and is EIA603 Certified for Dust & Humidity.

Li-Ion Batteries – The Motorola CLP1060 Bluetooth two way radio provides 12-18 hours of talk and listen time for service over long shifts.

Menu Button – Voice driven menu provides quick access to pre-programmed features: channel, monitor, scan, and call tone.

Size & Weight – The Motorola CLP1060 hand held radio is the lightest most compact business radio on the market.  The CLP1060 two way radio is compact at 3.5″ x 2.0″ x .75″ and weighs only 2.38 oz.

Warranty – The CLP1060 Motorola business radio is covered by a 1 year limited replacement warranty.

Frequency Band – The Motorola CLP1060 walkie talkie radio operates 99 UHF exclusive business frequencies which match up with other standard Motorola two way radios.

Repeater Capable – Increase range and eliminate dead spots with the Motorola RPX Repeater.

Have more questions about the CLP Series?  Have questions about Bluetooth walkie talkies?  Need CLP1060 Radios?  We have them in stock and ready to ship!  We would love to hear from you:

Phone: 1-888-560-0758
Email: sales@allchargedup.biz
Website: www.TwoWayRadiosFor.com

About All Charged Up

All Charged Up is a leader in radio communications and transportation solutions for businesses across the United States and takes pride in providing the best service and products at the lowest prices in the industry. All Charged Up provides Motorola and Vertex Standard two way radios and accessories, as well as ratchet tie down straps and tie down accessories, made with webbing manufactured in America. All Charged Up is made up of two branches: http://www.TwoWayRadiosFor.com and http://www.TieDownsPlus.com

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