What Comes with the Vertex Standard VX-351-AG7B-5 UNI?

Vertex Standard VX-351 Standard Equipment:

  • One VX-351-AG7B-5 UNI 5 Watt 16 Channel UHF Transceiver with Flex Antenna
  • VX-351 Battery (15.5 Hour Lithium Ion Battery) – FNB-V130LI
  • VX-351 Charger (3 Hour Rapid Rate Desk Top Single Unit Charging Station) –VAC-UNI-B
  • VX-351 Belt Clip – CLIP-18
  • Industry Leading 3-year Warranty
  • One Owner’s Manual
  • One Warranty Registration Card
  • One Free Custom Frequency Programming*

VX-350 White 2

The Vertex Standard VX-351-AG7B-5 UNI two way radio is a 5 Watt 16 Channel UHF business radio that operates on UHF Frequencies and Privacy Codes to ensure private communication and provides the maximum power available in handheld radios, covering up to 2 to 5 miles.  The Vertex Standard VX-351-AG7B-5 UNI hand held radio can be custom programmed and is a repeater capable two way radio.


When Safety Counts

Includes built-in Emergency notification that will switch to a designated channel, send an emergency unit ID and transmit with a live microphone, and added benefit when working alone.

Prevent Unauthorized Use

If lost or stolen, he VX-350 Series can be quickly disabled remotely by sending a Stun command for temporary disabling or Kill command to permanently disable the radio (must be returned and re-programmed before using again).

Exclusive Auto-Range Transponding System – ARTSTM

Only Vertex Standard two way radios are designed to inform you when you and another ARTSTM – equipped station are within communication range.  If out of range for more than 2 minutes, your Vertex Standard radio senses no signal has been received and beeps to alert you.  The base station can then alert the field unit to move back in range.  A great solution to keep your workers coordinated.

Additional Features

  • 16 channel capacity
  • Two programmable keys
  • Flexible channel spacing: 12.5 Khz to 25 kHz
  • Battery power save option
  • Emergency
  • Lone Worker
  • DTMF Speed Dial
  • 2-Tone Encode and Decode
  • CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
  • Manual squelch adjustment
  • Radio-to-radio cloning

Have more questions about Vertex Standard VX-350 Series two-way radios?  Need VX-351-AG7B-5 UNI radios?  We have them in stock and ready to ship!  We would love to hear from you:

Phone: 1-888-560-0758
Email: sales@allchargedup.biz
Website: www.TwoWayRadiosFor.com

About All Charged Up

All Charged Up is a leader in radio communications and transportation solutions for businesses across the United States and takes pride in providing the best service and products at the lowest prices in the industry. All Charged Up provides Motorola and Vertex Standard two way radios and accessories, as well as ratchet tie down straps and tie down accessories, made with webbing manufactured in America. All Charged Up is made up of two branches: http://www.TwoWayRadiosFor.com and http://www.TieDownsPlus.com

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