VX-351 6 Pack with 6 Speaker Mics and Bank Charger

Get the best price on a VX-351 6 Pack complete with speaker mics, a bank charger, belt clips, single unit chargers, 15.5 hour lithium ion battery packs, free programming, free shipping, and an industry leading 3-year warranty: VX-351 Combo Pack

The Vertex Standard VX-351 is one of Vertex Standard’s most popular two way radios – Not only does it have the handheld radio maximum 5 watts of power, but it also has great speaker quality, top notch durability, unbeatable battery life at 15.5 hours per charge, and security and emergency features built in.

This combo pack includes features the VX-351-AG7B-5 UNI two way radio, an improved version of Vertex Standard’s incredibly popular VX-231-AG7B-5 UNI. The MH-450S is Vertex Standard’s most popular speaker microphone and provides easy and clear communication with simple push-to-talk technology. This bundle also includes the TWC6ML-UNI multi-unit charger that allows you to charge all 6 of your walkie talkie radios at the same time on one outlet. All of the two way radios in this package will work together right out of the box!VX-351COMPLETEPKG-2T

The Vertex Standard VX-351 is a 5-watt radio, so you can expect to cover around 2 to 5 miles or 350,000 sq. ft. depending on your surroundings.

If you still don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll make a bundle just for you! You can reach us at 888-560-0758 or through email at sales@allchargedup.biz. Visit us at www.TwoWayRadiosFor.com

About All Charged Up

All Charged Up is a leader in radio communications and transportation solutions for businesses across the United States and takes pride in providing the best service and products at the lowest prices in the industry. All Charged Up provides Motorola and Vertex Standard two way radios and accessories, as well as ratchet tie down straps and tie down accessories, made with webbing manufactured in America. All Charged Up is made up of two branches: http://www.TwoWayRadiosFor.com and http://www.TieDownsPlus.com

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