How to Program the Motorola CLS1110

Motorola CLS1110 Quick Programming Guide

The Motorola CLS1110 is a simple one-channel two way radio, but that one channel is programmed with dual-encryption to keep your communication as private as possible. If you’re experiencing static or interference from other businesses, the easiest solution is to change the programming of your two way radio.

While the CLS1110 only has one channel available, that one channel actually has the ability to be programmed to any combination of 56 frequencies and 122 privacy codes. That gives you plenty of options to find a combination that isn’t being used by a nearby businesses, which will give you clearer communication.

The good news is that changing the programming of the CLS1110 is quick and easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructional video we’ve made below:

Now that you know how to program your Motorola CLS1110, you should be able to follow these same steps to fix any static or interference that you experience in the future. If you have any questions or would like information about purchasing a new Motorola CLS1110 two way radio, take a look at our website or give us a call at 888-560-0758.

Should I Buy the Motorola CLS1110 or the Motorola CLS1410?

Motorola CLS Series Differences

Motorola CLS Series two way radios are some of the most popular walkie talkies in the world. The CLS Series is comprised of two models: the Motorola CLS1110 and the Motorola CLS1410. Both are great choices for many industries, including restaurants, retail stores, and other smaller footprint businesses. While both offer the same amount of range, typically up to 200,000 square feet indoors or about a mile outdoors, there are a couple of differences between the two that will help you decide which one is the right radio for you.

1) Number of Channels

The Motorola CLS1110 only has one channel to communicate on. You simply press the big push-to-talk button on the front of the radio and everyone else on your team will hear you. The CLS1410 has four channels, which means that only people who are on your same channel will be able to hear you when you transmit. If you want every person to hear every other person at all times, then you only need one channel. If you want each team in your business to communicate on their own channel, then you will need the CLS1410.

An example of this would be a school that wants administrators on channel one, janitorial staff on channel two, and teachers on channel three. With this setup teachers don’t need to hear everything the janitors are saying to each other since it doesn’t pertain to them. Each team can focus on their own tasks and communicate with the people that need to hear it.

2) VibraCall Feature

The Motorola CLS1410 has the VibraCall feature while the CLS1110 does not. This isn’t nearly as important as the number of channels, but if you would like to have the VibraCall feature, then you will need the Motorola CLS1410. VibraCall is an additional call tone option that makes the radio vibrate when it receives if you have not transmitted or received in the last 30 seconds.

Other than those two things, the CLS1110 and the CLS1410 are basically the same two way radio. They offer the same power, same battery life of up to 18 hours, and same durability. They are the same size and include the same accessories. These radios can also communicate together if they are on the same channel, which gives you the ability to mix and match. If you still aren’t sure which radio you need or have any other questions, please give us a call at 888-560-0758. You can also read more about the CLS Series on our website.

What Comes with the Motorola CLS1110?

CLS1110 Standard Equipment

  • One Rechargeable Motorola Radio model CLS1110
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack (up to 12 hours of life per charge)
  • Charging Adapter and Stand Up Drop-In Charging Tray W/ Extra Battery Charge Port
  • Swivel Belt Holster with 2.5″ Spring Clip for use with the CLS1110 handheld radio
  • Motorola CLS1110 User Guide
  • Motorola CLS1110 Accessory Brochure
  • Warranty Card & 12 Month Motorola Warranty – Extended 12 Month Warranty Available

CLS1110 left in charger with holster

The Motorola CLS1110 two way radio is a 1 Watt 1 Channel UHF business radio that operates on 56 UHF Business Exclusive Frequencies and 122 Privacy Codes to ensure private communication and provides coverage up to 200,000 sq. ft., 15 floors.

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