Jet Ski, Sun Block, Two-Way Radios – You’re Ready for Spring Break!

Got big plans for Spring Break 2011? Be sure you pack a set of two-way radios to help stay connected with your buddies. Perhaps they’re not what you typically think of when packing your swimsuits, beach gear and partying clothes to head for the coast for a week of fun in the sun. But there are multiple scenarios in which a two-way radio system can come in handy.

You might think that a cell phone is just as good as a two-way radio for staying in touch with your Spring Break crew. But if you’ve ever dropped one in a rain puddle or a toilet, you know that cell phones and water are a bad mix. That means leaving your cell phone with a buddy, in the hotel room or on the deck or beach if you want to take a dip in the pool or a jaunt on the jet ski. Unfortunately, that means taking the risk of your phone getting lost, stolen or damaged. But a variety of Vertex Standard two-way radios are waterproof, submersible for up to three feet and 30 minutes. And just think how handy that would be if your jet ski fails, leaving you stranded far from the shore with no power.

Another way two-way radios rock your Spring Break is in safety features you won’t find on a cell phone. Two things are certain in every popular Spring Break area – injuries and crime. Designed for workers, several Vertex Standard two-way radios have emergency notification and “lone worker” features. With the press of a button, you or your buddies can switch radios to a designated channel and send an alert for help. The lone worker mode is a built-in timer that requires the user to reset at an agreed-upon time.  If it’s not reset, the radio automatically switches to emergency mode.

Motorola’s CLP
radios also are great options for Spring Break travelers. They’re small and stylish, yet powerful. And they have 16 adjustable volumes, making it easy to hear in noisy party atmospheres – No more pressing on your ears and screaming into cell phones. offers a wide variety of two-way radio systems perfect for Spring Break travelers. Browse  our website and connect with a two-way radio communications specialist via our online live chat support feature or at 888-560-0758.